4 Undergraduate Degrees You’ve Never Heard of by Marlena Stoddard

Choosing the suitable disciplineWe’re all familiar with the most common bachelor’s degrees. How many adults have you met who majored in business, accounting or the liberal arts? Although the most popular college degrees can lead to great careers and professional success, you’re certainly not doomed to a life of studio apartments and payday loans if you decide to study a lesser known program. Continue reading

The List of Essential Academic Writing Tools for College by Gloria Kopp

person-woman-apple-hotelAnother college semester begins as another September inevitably arrives, and college students from every corner of the nation start another year of their stress-inducing, assignment-ridden education. But, a little help from a few online resources can go a long way in relieving some of that stress, and taking some of those burdensome assignments off your back.

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5 Ways to Prioritize Your Time in College by Kara Masterson

booksLife in college can be extremely stressful if you don’t know how to properly manage your time. For some, it’s not just homework they need to worry about, but also work, their kids, or other personal aspects of their life. In order to avoid a nervous breakdown, here are five ways to prioritize your busy school week.

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Five Degrees for Tinkers and Crafters by Dixie Somers

Thinking about coldegrees for tinkers and crafterslege and thereafter often conjures up thoughts of long hours sitting at a desk, staring at the computer. For people who love to create things—the “tinkers and crafters”—the everyday office environment in many professions can seem monotonous if not downright dreadful. However, many college majors can offer a hands-on person a fulfilling and exciting career.

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5 Benefits Of Attending College Online by Kara Masterson

5 Benefits Of Attending College OnlineOne significant consequence of the personal computer revolution is that post-secondary education is now accessible to anyone wishing to pursue it. While a certain amount of technical skill is required to successfully complete online courses, other barriers have been eliminated. This has opened up the possibility of a college degree or certificate for any individual who has completed high school, can use a computer, and possesses the basic skills that online learning requires. Continue reading

6 Great Degrees to Have if You Want to Own a Business by Dixie Somers

6 Great Degrees to Have if You Want to Own a BusinessOwning a business is something that requires a compound skill set if the business owner expects to succeed. If you hope to own your own business someday, you need to obtain an academic degree from an accredited college. The following are six examples of degrees that can help a business owner to aim high and keep soaring: Continue reading

America’s Future Leaders: How Education Can Change Our Nation by Rachelle Wilber

AmericaToday’s children are tomorrow’s future leaders. If America desires to make sure that the country is placed in good hands, it is very important to heavily invest in the children of today. The best way to do this is through education. Education has the power to equip and strengthen a child’s ability to succeed in the future. America’s future leaders need to build a strong foundation of education in order to think critically, rationally and systematically. Investing in the education of a child will also change the nation in many other ways. Continue reading

How to Use Your Foreign Language Skills in your Job Search by Brooke Chaplan

How to Use Your Foreign Language Skills in your Job SearchAccording to past research, people in the United States are sadly behind most countries when it comes to learning foreign languages. Fortunately, the situation is changing as many students and adults are learning to speak Spanish and other prominent languages represented in our country. If you are fluent or have a working knowledge of a foreign language, it may serve you well in a job search. Here a few ways it can help and how to include it in your search and resume. Continue reading