America’s Future Leaders: How Education Can Change Our Nation by Rachelle Wilber

Today’s children are tomorrow’s future leaders. If America desires to make sure that the country is placed in good hands, it is very important to heavily invest in the children of today. The best way to do this is through education. Education has the power to equip and strengthen a child’s ability to succeed in the future. America’s future leaders need to build a strong foundation of education in order to think critically, rationally and systematically. Investing in the education of a child will also change the nation in many other ways.

Performance Level

It is often stated that reading is fundamental. If America’s future leaders are the children, leaders are readers. It is important to instill a passion and love for reading at a young age. When children don’t read, they miss a lot of valuable information. They also get cheated out of the ability to learn how to think critically and with focus. Education through reading will increase their performance level. Whether it is through standardized testing, classroom activities or through individual assessments, a teacher will be able to see an increase in a student’s performance level as they learn to read and increase their educational focus on learning.

Poverty Decrease

While there are exceptions to every rule, most people who end up living in poverty don’t have a formal education beyond high school. The less education you have, the more likely you are to end up living below the poverty line. Someone who earns a master in public administration will most likely earn more than someone with a bachelor’s degree in the same field. Increasing your education will allow you to earn more money in particular fields. There’s a direct correlation between income level and educational pursuits.

Better Opportunities

Education can change our nation because it allows people to experience better opportunities and open doors that would otherwise remain closed. Education and internship experiences go hand-in-hand. Internships allow children in high school and adults in college to get hands-on experience in the workforce. In addition to internships, work-study programs in many high schools allow students to pick up a trade and get a better understanding of what they’d like to do after high school. Education builds on top of itself and creates a solid foundation for every child to build on.

There are simple ways that education can be a significant change agent in the country for the future. Waiting until a child reaches college age is too late. Too many of their habits and ways of thinking are formed by then. Start when children are young and solidify the country’s ability to be in good hands in the future.