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How to Make Your College Experience Prepare You for a Prestigious Career By Hannah Whittenly

For most people, college is not only a learning experience, but also a path to a career. The problem, however, is that many students fail to use their college years to their fullest potential. If approached in the correct way, college can leave you with more than just a degree to take to potential future employers. Here are four ways you can tailor your college experience to prepare you for a more successful and prestigious career.

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Ten Ways to Balance a Tight Schedule at School and Work

Making the decision to start or return to college is an exciting one – the beginning of a new chapter in your life. But it can be a real challenge to manage school and work when you’re committed to both.

So how do you keep your existing responsibilities and your educational goals in sync? We have a few ideas to help you out.




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5 Things to Do the Final Month of College By Robyn Scott

Spring is in full bloom, and that means another graduating class of college students is preparing for final exams and life after university. Many students burn the candle at both ends right up until graduation day and end up burnt out when they’re applying for jobs and giving interviews. One of the best things students can do is think ahead and organize their thoughts, so they are ready to go out there and conquer the world after they finish those last few exams and quizzes.

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How to Continue Making Car Payments While Going to School By Eileen O'Shanassy

Life comes at you fast, and before you know it, you’re in a situation that makes you feel like you’re in over your head. Whether you’re starting a family, going to school, or just getting your first loan, life can seem daunting and fast-paced, especially when it comes to finances. When you’re attending school and have car payments to make, you don’t have any room for errors or mistakes. Here’s the best way to continue making car payments or other big payments while going to school.

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How To Quit Procrastinating And Get Assignments Done On Time By Zoey Smith

It can be tempting to spend hours doing only what you enjoy and endlessly putting off work or college assignments until you are merely minutes away from the deadline. We all know how this ends: badly. Not only does procrastination eat away at your time, you also end up producing substandard work when you rush to get it done at the last minute. What’s worse, you end up feeling terrible and guilty about it all at the end of the day.

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How Your Studying Habits Can Lead to Fast Employment By Alex Williams

If you think your study habits and employment prospects have little in common, you’re terribly mistaken. The way you treat your university curriculum is a pretty good indicator of your future approach to job-related tasks and obligations – and success in handling them, as well. Still, this doesn’t mean that you should put social life and hobbies on hold until graduation: it just means you’ll need a few smart study strategies to make the uni hassle easier to endure.

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Major Anxiety? How to Smoothly Get Through Your College Years By Brooke Chaplan

“College is the best time of your life” is a common phrase that emerging college students are told as they begin their academic journey. However, it is not true for all students. Those with anxiety may view college parties and social activities as a source of stress instead of enjoyment.

With the right approach, students with major anxiety will be able to get through their college years without any major problems. Here are some easy tips that make a big difference:

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5 Ways to Write a Fantastic College Term Paper By Robyn Scott

In high school, students would be assigned papers up to three or four pages in length with a couple of weeks to complete them. They would be required to hand in an outline, first draft, and final draft to their classroom teacher. Once in college, however, students are given a syllabus at the beginning of the term with every assignment that will be due throughout the class. Students will have up to a month or more to complete papers, but they will usually be longer than papers in high school, often up to 8 or 10 pages. Depending on the student’s study habits, having such a long time to complete an assignment can either make life easier or harder, but there are some ways students can manage their time well and write a fantastic college term paper.

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Balancing College and a Job (Without Losing Your Productivity) By Karen Dikson

You got a scholarship and you managed to save some money thanks to your summer job. Still, college comes with extreme expenses, so you need a part-time job to cover them all. The problem is, the attempt to find the right balance between having a job, attending classes and enjoying the college experience is overwhelming–to say the least.

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