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Prepare Now: 3 Tips For an Early Start on College Prep By Emma Sturgis

Middle school marks many milestones for students, including first school dances, first battles with acne and many other rites of passage. It’s also the time when you should start preparing your child for college. Although it may seem early, college preparation is a multifaceted process that takes several years to complete. Starting early allows your student to satisfy admission requirements easily so they can enjoy their senior year without worry.

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Tips to Make Freshman Life a Little Easier By Eileen O'Shanassy

Nothing is more terrifying than being immersed in a new environment and feeling unsure of what you’re doing. Most teenagers spend their entire lives in one town, seeing the same people every day, and knowing their surroundings like the back of their hand. As you move through life though, you’ll probably move out of your small town and the first year of college can seem overwhelming before it has even begun. There is nothing to worry about once you learn how to hack your freshman year. Whether you are beginning your college journey in the fall or are currently in your first year, here are the best fifteen tips to make freshman life a little easier.

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Do’s and Don’ts for Writing Your College Application Essay By Emma Miller

The most important information that your college application should contain are your grades and your test scores. However, wherever you choose to apply, you will be asked to write an application essay which should accurately describe you both as a student and a person. This is also very important, especially when the committee is deciding between two equally competent candidates.

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What All New Nursing Students Should Know By Eileen O'Shanassy

Being accepted into nursing school means you’ve already cleared one major hurdle on your path to a good career. But the next challenge of surviving nursing school is a big one. By now, you’ve probably heard how tough it is, and you’ll have a lot to think about and prepare for. Here are some things you should know as you prepare to enter nursing school.

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Getting Ready for College Applications: Expert Tips for International Students By Diana Clark

Cassandra is one of the international students I am in touch with. She arrived in the United States to continue studying in one of the universities in the greater Chicago area one year ago. For her, getting accepted was like a dream because she would be studying in one of the best educational systems in the world. She anticipated and dreaded the day the university announced who was accepted, and almost jumped out of her pants when she saw her name.

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AP Classes: What Students Need to Know Before They Enroll By Kristina Carroll, CollegeWeekLive

High school upperclassmen spend hours perfecting their college essay, securing recommendations, and taking the SATs as many times as needed. But the admissions process doesn’t end there—now, more than ever, students are putting an extreme amount of effort into Advanced Placement classes in an attempt to boost their transcript and get a head-start on college credit. Advanced Placement, known more familiarly as AP, is a program created by the CollegeBoard to “help thousands of students achieve their college dreams each year.”




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Graduating Debt-Free: Earning Credit with CLEP Exams Save Time. Save Money. Earn Credits with CLEP.

This article was brought to us by the College Board.

Matt Frame’s parents didn’t want him to graduate from college with mounds of debt, so they encouraged him to start earning credit, inexpensively, while still in high school. Matt soon learned about the College-Level Examination Program® (CLEP®) and how earning a passing score on a CLEP exam could earn him 3 or more credits.

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Getting College Credit Before College

This post was brought to us by The College Board. 

You can improve your chances of graduating on time and may even save money on college costs if you earn college credits early. There are several ways to do this. These include testing out of college classes and taking college-level classes while in high school.

Below are some options for earning credit before starting college.

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