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How to Use Your Foreign Language Skills in your Job Search by Brooke Chaplan

How to Use Your Foreign Language Skills in your Job SearchAccording to past research, people in the United States are sadly behind most countries when it comes to learning foreign languages. Fortunately, the situation is changing as many students and adults are learning to speak Spanish and other prominent languages represented in our country. If you are fluent or have a working knowledge of a foreign language, it may serve you well in a job search. Here a few ways it can help and how to include it in your search and resume. Continue reading

How to Finance your Master’s Degree by Vera Marie Reed

There are several ways to finance your Master’s Degree. Most of us already know about the FAFSA for Graduate students, which qualifies you for the standard government loans. However, with a combination of smart shopping, some extra paperwork and savvy bargaining, you just might be able to score yourself a discount or even a free ride. There are different types of financial aid available, and the first step to savvy financing is to understand the differences.  Read on to learn more. Continue reading

6 Financial Aid Tips for Trade School Students by Audrey Jenkins

trade schoolFrom HVAC to welding, there has never been a better time to get into a trade profession. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics lists HVAC professionals and electricians as having a job outlook of 14 percent between 2014 and 2024, compared to a growth rate of just 7 percent across all other professions. Oftentimes, post-secondary certificates can increase job opportunities in these fields, which is one reason trade school may be a great investment in your future. Fortunately, it’s well within reach if you take advantage of these available financial aid options. Continue reading

10 Recommendations for International Students Who Strive to Work Part-Time by Kenneth Waldman

Balancing a full-time college course load and a work schedule is difficult. And for international students, who are often in a foreign place with plenty to learn, the task can seem impossible. However, it can be done and done well. Plenty have succeeded before you, so stay positive and motivated, and use the following tips and tools as a guideline for success. Continue reading

Rewarding Career: How To Choose A Major That Will Lead To Great Earning Potential by Anita Ginsburg

How To Choose A Major That Will Lead To Great Earning PotentialWhen you choose a major, it’s important not just to consider your passions and interests, but also possible career options and earning potential down the line. Many students make the mistake of majoring in a field that they love but doesn’t have a lot of job opportunity and find themselves working in an industry totally unrelated to what they studied. You don’t have to force yourself to like the most profitable career paths today, but you should do some research of your own and find out what majors have the greatest earning potential so you can enjoy your time in college and guarantee a satisfying, profitable career in the future. Continue reading

Understanding and Reviewing Financial Aid Letters

If you were accepted to multiple universities (congratulations!), you likely felt a great deal of excitement when you received your letters. But then your excitement was probably quickly replaced with confusion, and maybe even anxiety, when you tried to make sense of your financial aid letters.

After all, universities don’t have a standard way of presenting the information, and it can be hard to see what offer is best.

Continue reading