From Home School to Online College By Harper Harmon

As your life as a home-schooled student comes to an end, you understandably may be thinking about your next steps in life and possible career opportunities you want to pursue. Many home-schooled students want to enter the medical profession and become a nurse, and you may be wondering if an online college is a good fit for your higher level of education in this field. There are several great online programs available that can help you to prepare for a career in nursing, and these often require you to complete at least a portion of your education through an in-house program at a local hospital or medical center. As you prepare for this next chapter in life, these factors can guide you.

Take College Prep Tests

College admissions processes are largely geared toward students who have received formal education in a public or private school. As a home-schooled student, you will generally not have the same class rankings, GPA and other factors available for admissions teams to review when considering you for admittance into a program. This means that they must rely more heavily on college prep test scores when determining your eligibility. Study for the SAT and ACT tests so that you can perform well on them. You may also need to take more advanced tests, such as the SAT II, in order to get accepted into the online program you choose.

Prepare for More Rigorous Online Work

Nursing programs are typically heavily focused on science and math, and online college-level courses can be intense. Each home-schooled student had a different educational experience, and some may find the transition to formal education to be difficult. You may also discover that there is a learning curve with regards to the technology required for an online program versus a home-based program.

Explore Programs in Your Field of Study

Several months or more before you complete a home-school program, you may consider exploring some of the many online nursing programs available. Learn more about the ranking of the school and the nursing department through your research. Compare the costs of the education, program admission guidelines, graduation requirements and more to make an informed decision.

If your goal is to eventually become a nurse, a natural transition from a home-school environment is to pursue an online nursing program. The best online nursing schools will have excellent programs to choose from. You can take steps to prepare yourself for the admissions process, and you can begin researching online nursing programs today.