Where Can I Study English in San Francisco, California? By Brianna Burrows

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San Francisco is located in Northern California and is a culturally diverse and progressive city. It is well known for its start-ups and tech industry, as well as finance, education, music, theater, and history. San Francisco is a great city for international students to learn English. Below are three schools where you can study English in San Francisco, California.


The Institute for International Students at City College of San Francisco offers students an intensive English language program focusing on academic English. Courses are 17 ½ weeks or 8 ½ weeks in length. Summer sessions are 4 or 8 weeks long. Students receive 20 hours of instruction per week. Courses focus on reading, listening, English grammar, writing, communication, and study skills. Students can also take elective courses and preparation courses for the TOEFL exam.


St. Giles International was founded in London in 1955. St. Giles International is now across the globe offering a range of English courses to adults and children. They have courses for absolute beginners to advanced. For adults, courses range from 1 to 36 weeks. Courses include General English, Business English, Cambridge and TOEFL exams. Students have options to take morning or full day courses.


San Francisco State University’s American Language Institute offers students an intensive English language program focusing on academic English. It is also appropriate for students who wish to learn English for the business environment. Students receive 22 hours of instruction per week. There are six different proficiency levels. Courses include grammar, TOEFL preparation, reading, writing, oral communication skills, and cross-cultural communication.

For a full list of schools in or near San Francisco, click here.


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