4 Signs You Are Perfect for an Engineering Degree by Anica Oaks

The drive to overcome challenges and persevere is one of the most influential drives that humanity has. It represents out desire to reshape the world in a way that is more friendly to our needs.

Engineering can be considered the acting out of this drive. Engineers regularly create custom-fit solutions for unique problems that range from how to deliver clean water to creating awe-inspiring structures that tower into the sky.

What most people fail to realize is that engineers are some of the most in-demand employees. One study found that they are some of the most desired.

While engineering isn’t for everyone, there are certain telltale signs that will help you decide if this is the study for you. Below are four signs that you may be perfect for career in engineering.

1. You Think Differently

A big part of being an engineer is being able to step back, look at a problem, and approach it from multiple angles. The ability to think differently, sometimes referred to as creativity, is something that engineers need.

If you have this ability, then pursuing a career as an engineer may be one of the best choices for you. Many problems can be solved—they just require a unique point of inspiration to make the next breakthrough.

2. You Love Math

Mathematics is another important part of engineering. Numbers help engineers do everything from properly measure parts of a solution on a draft to running simulations of a building’s structural integrity during an earthquake.

If you enjoy math, then engineering may be the path for you. You will routinely measure, draft and solve problems before construction begins. You may even need to use math when overcoming an unforeseen engineering problem while in the process of construction.

3. You Want to Solve Challenging Problems

Engineering is similar to other math- and science-based fields of study. It requires that you regularly draft solutions that overcome challenges that other people may define as impossible.

A good challenge, however, makes for the most impressive engineering solutions.

If you enjoy a good challenge and the praise that comes with creating a fitting solution, then you should give engineering a try.

4. You Desire to Improve Upon Existing Solutions

Another unique quality of engineering is the fact that today’s engineering is nothing like that of engineering 50, 10 or even five years ago. New materials, advances in science, a growing understanding of our surroundings, and countless other factors require someone to create today’s solutions using tomorrow’s materials.

This is evident when you partake in a field like civil engineering. New polymers and alloys have revolutionized the way that everything from buildings to roads are built.

If you want to be part of that improvement process, then a degree in civil engineering may be perfect for you. Depending on your ambitions, you may even choose a top civil engineering master’s program to get a leg up on the competition.

Engineering: Building the Solutions of Tomorrow Today

No other field of study can claim to make as many revolutionary changes as engineering can. It affects everything from buildings to electronics, and it’s one of the driving forces in drafting more useful things for people.

If you feel that any of the above criteria applies to you, then you should inquire about pursuing a career in engineering.