4 Sure-Fire Ways to Minimize the Size of Your Student Loans By Anica Oaks

Student loans have become such a pervasive problem that many people have decided to skip college entirely. While higher education is not right for everyone, it is a vital stepping stone for thousands of enticing careers. If you are nervous about accumulating too much debt, then here are a few tips to keep your loans to a minimum.


1. Learn More About FAFSA

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid is one of the most important documents a college student will ever fill out. These forms are updated once a year, and they are used to determine a student’s eligibility for different grants, scholarships, and loans. Anyone who is thinking about heading back to college should download and complete one of these forms immediately. The FAFSA is also used by many private organizations to determine eligibility for certain scholarships.

2. Stay in Your Home State

Many people are tempted to leave their home state to go to college, but that can be a very expensive option. The vast majority of colleges and universities charge students quite a bit extra if they are moving from another state. In some cases, your tuition could increase by as much as 50 percent if you are an out-of-state applicant.

3. Take Online Courses

Whether you are interested in enrolling in an online MSN program or simply want to take care of a few general education classes, online courses could save you quite a bit of money. These colleges do not need to have physical classrooms and dorms, and that is why the administrative costs are so low. In addition to more affordable tuition, you will also save money on gas, meals on campus, parking fees, and countless other expenses

4. Apply for Work-Study Programs

Those who take advantage of work-study programs not only save on their tuition, but they will also gain experience in their preferred field. Work-study programs help students pay their tuition and other costs while they are going to school, and that means your loans will be much smaller. They also make you much more appealing to companies because of the experience you are going to gain before you graduate.

In addition to these few tips and tricks, you must also begin making plans to pay off your student loans as soon as you are handed your diploma. It might be tempting to take a year or two off, but even a short break could add thousands of dollars in interest to your student loans.

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