5 Compelling Degrees for Business Wunderkinds By Dixie Somers

More and more young people are becoming entrepreneurs in some fashion and starting to wonder what the future holds for them and their careers. If you’re one of these people, you’re likely considering getting a degree, but you might not know which ones will be worth the investment. If you know that you want to go into business and have seen some early successes, consider these five compelling degrees for business wunderkinds.

1. Finance/Accounting

Money plays a big role, perhaps the most crucial one, in business, especially during times of financial bubbles and the fluctuation of the economy. A degree in finance or accounting at any level will position you well to be a guru on the money side of things, such as a chief financial officer, accountant or financial analyst or manager, ensuring your business is responsible about its money and ultimately successful.

2. Organizational Development

Even people with a lot of raw talent need some guidance on how to best develop a business organization. An organizational development degree will equip you with the skills to make a business a better organization for all parties involved, from employees to stockholders. A master’s degree in organizational development can further your career or make it easier to land a job as well. Ideal careers for someone with this degree include organizational development specialist and business analyst.

3. Human Resource Management

HR is a very important element of a business to have solid knowledge of. After all, the human element is one of the most important elements of a business, and all businesspeople need to have some knowledge of HR. Human resource management programs teach students the best methods for recruiting, training and managing staff. HR is always a compelling field because no two people or situations are alike, meaning it’s a segment of business that will rarely bore you.

4. Marketing

A business can’t be very successful without a solid marketing force to convince customers to buy their products or services. Marketing degree programs go over modern marketing methods and approaches to promote a company, product or brand. A desirable and engaging field, marketing is fast-paced and always looking for new ideas. A marketing degree might lead to careers as a marketing manager or director of sales.

5. Business/Entrepreneurship

This is perhaps the most stereotypical degree you can get if you wish to go into business, but business and entrepreneurship degree programs have a lot to offer future business people. While these programs teach you the basics of business, they also encourage and provide resources for you to be creative and try new approaches that will become the businesses of the future. Business degrees prepare you to be a good employee no matter where you work, but they perhaps best prepare you to run your own business.

Besides the standard business degree, there are a lot of other compelling degrees for ambitious and talented young people looking to go into business, especially the degrees outlined in this guide. With the right education, you are likely to see even greater successes in your future career.