5 Quick Resume Tips for High School Graduates with Little or No Experience By Catrin Cooper

You are excited to finally see the four long years of continuous studying come to an end with a great pay off. What next? Having graduated from high school, you are ready to enter the work force to become a productive individual in the society. You have a dream job in mind but you have no idea how to approach it because perhaps you have never worked a day in your life.

To make it in the career world, you need a good resume to convince the employer that you are the best fit for the job. You need to list your education and experience which can be overwhelming if you don’t have any. A good thing would be to ask professional writers to take a fresh look and proofread your resume if you don’t have enough experience in it.



To get started, here are five tips to help you boost your resume, so you can land your dream job.

  • Start with a career objective

The main purpose of the career objective is normally misunderstood. It has been said that this section damages your resume. The aim of the career objective is not to tell the employer what you intend to gain from the company. Instead, it is intended is to display your skills and abilities to help fulfill the duties of the job position.

A career objective is important for a resume that lacks professional experience, since it explains your character traits that make you the right candidate for the position. In fact, it’s a good thing to start with the skills that make you valuable to the company, to attract the attention of the employer.

Try to look for skills that the employer has stated in the job description. These qualities will make you the most qualified candidate for the position.

  • Include your educational background

Having no experience doesn’t make you don’t qualify for the job position. Hiring managers understand that we all have to start somewhere. But, you have a strong weapon which is the education qualification to prove that you’re the best for the position. Describe what you have acquired in high school in greater detail. Prove to the employer that you have the skills to handle the responsibilities described in the job. Remember to include the specific parts of your education that will make you stand out from the rest.

  • Include previous job experience

The jobs that you do while at school do not reflect your primary career choice. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t include this experience in your resume. It is important that you mention it in such a way that will show the hiring manager that you did a great job during that time.

It doesn’t matter whether you volunteered to deliver pizza around school or ensured the library looked neat. The employer will see some aspects that make you a valuable employee. For instance, you can mention that given the limited time you were given to finish your tasks, you learned a great deal of time-management skills. Also, if there is something that helped improve other skills such as communication skills, don’t forget to mention it.

It’s a great opportunity to mention that these tasks helped you know how to keep customers happy. Lastly, mention how you learned to resolve problems in the process of completing these tasks. This is an essential skill to show that you value team work. Don’t include details that are not related to the job description. Keep it short and detailed.

  • Describe the major achievements

During your high school years, did you take part in student leadership organizations, volunteer, organize an event, or do a presentation? If so, make sure to include these achievements in your resume.

A major achievement can help boost your resume, especially if you have no job experience. In this section, your activities are seen as professional experience. For each activity, include a few details about the tasks and responsibilities that were involved.

These points help communicate to the hiring manager your abilities to organize and solve problems, and why they should give you chance to prove that you’re the right candidate for the position.

  • Include some recommendations

Adding recommendations in your resume is very important. Ask your teachers to describe your character. They understand your strengths and they can help you write a short description  as to why you would make a good employee. Having a few positive recommendations in your resume can increase your chances of landing the job you want. So, choose subjects that are related to the job description you are searching for and ask your references to mention something that proves why you’re a brilliant choice for the company. Don’t be afraid to ask your teachers to help when writing your resume.

Writing a resume, especially when you have little experience, can be hard. However, these tips will help you get started. You will not appear like a newbie, but rather an entry-level professional seeking serious consideration. So, apply these tips and write a killer resume to land your dream job.