5 secret tips to succeed in college by Aly Madhavji

For students who are starting or recently started college, it can be an overwhelming process. Perhaps you thought college would be similar to high school but it is certainly a steeper learning curve. Below we’ve shared 5 secret tips which the majority of students don’t do early enough in college.

1. Get Organized from the Start! At the start of each semester, you’ll receive a Syllabus for each of your courses. This syllabus has listed on it, each quiz, test, assignment, and project with the due date and weighting. Keep yourself organized by programming the dates and weighting of each item into your written or electronic calendar along with a reminder in advance.

2. Strategize an Approach to your Courses You might have different types of courses, essay, multiple choice, short answer, true false. You might have a professor who tests only from what he discusses in class, from presentation slides, or repeats questions every year. It’s good to find out these types of things and how you can leverage available information to improve your grades.

3. Stay Involved Many students stop all of their extra-curricular activities from high school to focus on their college courses. Surprisingly, research out of Boston University states that if you volunteer or work 15-20 hours a week you can improve your grades by up to 25% !

4. Find Mentors A great starter-strategy is to find 3 mentors:
i. A second or third year student who studied many of the same courses you are currently studying, they can share tips and tricks for your courses!
ii. A graduating or recently graduated student in your course of study. This will help you prepare for your next steps and challenges upon graduation.
iii. An young/mid/experienced professional in your desired field, to provide you with insight into the career

5. Learn to Network Here is a brief introduction to my 4-step networking formula:

i. Network up and Down
• Networking shouldn’t be confined to superiors. Everyone has a talent, skill, and a connection that could be beneficial.
ii. Help others including your competition
• Remember the people around you aren’t your competition; working together to tag-team network, refine applications, and practice interviews is more beneficial.
iii. Make friends not “Networks”
• Approaching networking as a way to build friendships will help you enjoy the progression. Just make sure you’re “giving” at least as much as you’re “taking”.
iv. Be yourself but don’t be nervous
• You’ll get better from observing the people around you and through trial and reflection. Remember that this is a learning process.
Don’t forget to solidify the connection after the event by connecting through social media and/or with an email!

These are the 5 secret tips to help you succeed in College. If you enjoyed these and want your FREE copy of the International Award-Winning Book ‘Your Guide to Succeed in University’ go to www.SucceedinCollege.org or download it FREE from iBooks, Google Play, or the Amazon Kindle Store!

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Aly Madhavji, Author of Your Guide to Succeed in University