6 Great Degrees to Have if You Want to Own a Business by Dixie Somers

6 Great Degrees to Have if You Want to Own a BusinessOwning a business is something that requires a compound skill set if the business owner expects to succeed. If you hope to own your own business someday, you need to obtain an academic degree from an accredited college. The following are six examples of degrees that can help a business owner to aim high and keep soaring:

1. Business Management Degree

A business management or business administration degree is an obvious choice for an aspiring entrepreneur. The courses that such a degree program offers can help a business owner to manage the business with precision. The curriculum mixes accounting with critical thinking and applied management.

2. Entrepreneurship Degree

An entrepreneurship degree program explores multiple aspects of business ownership, from innovation in marketing and pricing to strategy. It is an excellent program for someone who is looking for a well-rounded curriculum.

3. Public Relations Master’s Degree

A public relations masters program focuses on innovation, communication and pacification. It teaches the business owner how to create compelling emails and maintain ethical operations. Additionally, the program helps the business owner to plan for the future and use analysis and strategy to master the business realm.

4. Customer Service Degree

Customer service is still one of the leading factors when it comes to business success. Good customer service breeds customer loyalty and retention. The customer service deals directly with the customers. It teaches the business owner how to relate to his or her patrons and touches some of the most crucial aspects of dealing with people. Some of the top courses that one may find in such a curriculum are courses such as communication, management skills training, and positive customer service qualities.

5. Accounting Degree

Accounting is a skill that every business owner should know, so focusing on a specific accounting degree is a great choice to make. An accounting degree program includes courses such as investment management, finance principles, strategies, taxation and more. An accounting degree is best for a small business owner who will be handling the accounting and finance tasks himself or herself.

6. Business Degree

A business degree is slightly different from a business administration degree. It covers a wide assortment of areas, and business management is just one area of many. A business program has courses that cover business computing, media management, internet publishing, business applications, ethics, conflict resolution, finance technologies, culture varieties and more.

A business owner can speak to a financial advisor or admissions specialist to find out which programs are best for what he or she wants to achieve. All of the previously mentioned programs can improve a business owner’s success, but some of them are better for certain businesses than they are for others.