6 Study Tips for Master’s Students By Dixie Somers

You made it into graduate school! Now you can really get entrenched in career studies to prepare for an exciting job, whether that be an MBA or a master’s in public administration. But first you have to develop effective study skills that will allow you to master vital information for each course. The following tips can help you establish a routine that will let you competently and confidently address graduate coursework.

Set Up a Study Schedule

Don’t try to study on a random schedule. Set aside specific time each day or part of the week to focus on your studies. Some people prefer early morning while others wait for night time. Students who work or have families sometimes do most of their studying over the weekend. Follow a routine to stay on task with assignments.

Designate a Study Area

Although undergrad students are notorious for studying at three in the morning in the living room while playing video games with friends, grad students should take their studies more seriously. If you don’t have an office area at home, organize a nook in the family room, living room, or kitchen. Family members should be informed, and hopefully they will not bother you during designated study times.

Organize Course Materials

Make sure you have everything ready when it’s time to study. Gather textbooks, handouts, notebooks, and other supplies so that you can make productive use of your study time.

Stick to It

Life obligations may interfere, but try to avoid distractions. Don’t turn on the TV or continually check social media. Avoid getting sidetracked with other things. Treat your study time as seriously as class time to maximize learning opportunities. Set out notes for yourself to remind you to stay focused, delete social media apps from your phone, and set up a site blocker on your computer for social media websites in order to avoid distractions.

Go Beyond

For challenging assignments or topics, do additional research to learn more. Consider requesting an interview with an expert on your topic. Graduate students often have to go the extra mile to become fully immersed in their areas of study and stay ahead of the game.

Get Help

Even grad students may need help understanding an assignment or studying for an exam. Most campuses offer tutorial assistance. Study groups are common within graduate programs. If your academic department doesn’t have a study group, start one. For example, if you are studying for a master’s in public administration, ask the department office about any registered or known study groups.

Live Healthy

Take care of your health by eating nutritiously and exercising regularly. It is also important to maintain social connections, although you don’t want them to interfere with your studies. A healthy mind and body are effective tools toward completing your master’s program successfully.

A college graduate program requires a significant investment of time and money. Don’t risk losing your investment. Consider tips like these to get the most out of your graduate program.