How to Ace Your College Application: Highlight Uniqueness David Montesano

beautiful-question-mark-decorated-with-gear-shapes_279-10315You’re an admissions officer at a major university. For three very intense months, you spend six to twelve hours a day reading college applications—hundreds of them—from nice, well-meaning kids.

You have between 10 and 20 minutes to decide each student’s fate. In that time, you have to figure out who the student is, what makes her special, and what unique value she can offer the university. Unfortunately, as you flip through the files, you find the same molds repeating themselves: an endless succession of honors students and varsity athletes, math club members and science team leaders, all with good track records, but with little to help you distinguish what makes them special.

Your vision blurs. You yawn, stretch, and toss another file into the 50/50 pile.

You reach for the next file, wondering how much more you can take.

Suddenly you wake from your stupor, reading about a student with an exceptional combination of passion and talent—a clear picture of who she is, what she loves, and what she wants out of life. Her unique experience will add value to your university in ways that other students wouldn’t, and her knowledge about your school proves how vested she is in her education.

You feel a tingling, a thrill of pride, as you place her application in the acceptance pile, giving her a springboard into a promising future.

Moments like these make the job worthwhile.

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