Adjusting to life with a roomie

college planningHaving a roommate can be a great part of college life, so how do you start off on the right foot? Here are some great tips from college students on getting along with your new roommate.

Be a good listener. Ask about them–. Most people love to share all about themselves!

Share. Bring an extra latte for your new roommate or share a funny video you saw online. It’ll help break the ice.

Don’t look for someone to be like you. The great thing about having a roommate is they open your eyes to new experiences. Embrace your differences!

Be flexible. Get a sense of what’s important to you–and to your roommate. Maybe you don’t like her country music but you can live with it, if she’ll keep it down first thing in the morning.

Start a tradition. Have a fun ritual, like Tuesday night dinners out with your new roommate.

Don’t spend all your time together. That’s the easiest way to get annoyed with each other.

Be open. You’re sure to get annoyed with each other at some point. Don’t vent to your other friends. Calmly talk with your roommate and work it out.

Keep it clean. Chances are it’s the first time you both have had to share a room. Be kind and keep the space clean. It can feel real tiny real fast when it’s a mess!

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