Are scholarships within your reach?

dollars--heap--nobody_19-135472Absolutely! There are countless scholarships available for all kinds of students. You’ll find scholarships that are awarded for all kinds of reasons, from school performance to financial need to all kinds of special skills–from athletics to creative talents.

•    Financial aid office. Talk with the financial aid office at the schools you’re considering attending to find out what options are available to you, and how competitive each scholarship is.

•    High school. Your favorite teachers and your guidance counselor likely know you well and may know of scholarships you would be a good fit for.

•    Scholarship search engines. There are many free sites where you can search for scholarships by type, dollar amount, and more. Tip: Don’t ever pay for a scholarship search. There are lots of free resources available to you.

•    Employers. You or your parents’ employers may offer some scholarships. Check with their human resources department.

•    Community groups. There are often nonprofit organizations, business associations, and houses of worship that are happy to offer scholarships to students in their community.