Best essay writing tools every student should know about by Robert Morris

300x200-August-EssayWhether you’re in high school, college, or post-graduate studies, you definitely have to write essays. Essay writing is an essential component to your education. The process is valuable because it teaches you how to reason, how to form a logical argument, and how to perform accurate and thorough research. But no matter how many essays you write, they never seem to get any easier-until now. These online writing tools will help you create better essays regardless of the topic. 

1. Read-Able

It’s important that your essay be not well written, but also readable. If it’s too complicated, some of your message might get lost on the reader. Read-Able scans your essay to tell you the average age and grade that most people could read the material. Make the content as readable as possible before you submit the essay to your professor or teacher.

2. Ninja Essays

Ninja Essays is a fantastic resource for students who need writing assistance. The website employs professional writers with advanced degrees in a variety of topics. They can assist you with the writing process, help edit and proofread your essay, and check for plagiarism. If you prefer, you can hire them to write your essay for you.

3. Quillpad

Quillpad is a fun, engaging website to help students get excited about writing. They will learn new words to expand their vocabulary and learn how to identify incomplete or illogical sections of their essays. The site is designed for students in grades 5-9, but older students can benefit from the online tools as well.

4Grammar Gorillas

The Grammar Gorillas is an online game that shows students how much fun grammar can be! To play the game, you help the Grammar Gorillas identify different parts of speech in order to find bananas. The best part of Grammar Gorillas is that the players intuitively learn the rules of grammar as they play. No flashcards or pop-quizzes needed. (Even if you’re a grammar whiz, it’s still fun to collect the bananas and feed the hungry Gorillas!)

5. Plagiarism Checker

There is nothing worse than turning in a paper and learning that part of it was plagiarized. This can certainly happen, even if you don’t plagiarize intentionally. Maybe you used a source and forgot to create the reference. Maybe you thought you had rewritten something into your own words, but it wasn’t unique enough. PlagTracker will identify any instances of plagiarism so you can rewrite them.

6. Go Conqr

GoConqr features mind maps that break big topics and ideas into smaller more manageable pieces. They help students see how things are connected and aids in memorization and studying. The website also features flashcards, quizzes, study guides, and a way to track your learning. It gives you all the tools you need to conquer your schoolwork

7. Study Blue

Study Blue is similar to Go Conqr. It is filled with flashcards and study guides to help you prepare for exams, build essay arguments, and study for upcoming exams. One great aspect of Study Blue is its ability to connect students with their peers to study specific topics as assigned by their teachers. Study Blue is a “crowd sourced” learning website. The flashcards were all created for students, by students. Over 10 million students use the site  to help them succeed.

8. Smart Tips For Effective Learning

Paper’s Gear put out a blog post featuring “10 Smart Tips For Effective Learning.” It covers ways to focus your attention, organize your tasks, simplify the studying, and engage in meaningful ways with the material. But in addition to these practical tips, it also addresses the personalization and comfort of your workspace.

9. Study Stack


Study stack is an interactive study website that lets you create flashcards for whatever topic you are writing about. You virtually “flip” the card to see the answer. If you got the answer right, you select “right.” If you got it wrong, mark it “wrong,” and it will re-circulate it back into the stack. This way, you can focus your time on the areas where you need to improve.

10. Literacy Encyclopedia

The Literary Encyclopedia is a website made up of editors, contributors, and subscribing users. It features a constantly changing collection of literary and cultural historical references. Works are submitted by scholars from higher education institutions around the world. If you need sources for references or just some inspiration for an essay, you can subscribe for the site.

These websites are all excellent resources to help you write your essays. They offer practical advice for arranging your thoughts, editing and proofreading assistance, and tools to help structure your time and fine-tune your essay. Choose two or three of these sites to help you with your next project, and see what they can do for your writing skills!