California Colleges and Universities that Offer Scholarships to International Students

This post was brought to us by Study in the USA.Businesswoman Using Laptop At Desk In Busy OfficeFinding the money to attend college or
university can be quite a struggle, especially
for international students. That’s why it is by
far one of the most popular questions on where can I find scholarships
for international students? Here are some
California schools that offer scholarships to international students.

Glendale Community College

The John A. Davitt President’s Scholarship for International Students is for incoming first year international students. International students who are eligible will receive a partial scholarship for $1000 for the academic year (two semesters). For international students who are currently enrolled at Glendale Community College seeking scholarships, it is recommended that students reach out to the Scholarship Office for opportunities for continuing students.

Orange Coast College

Orange Coast College offers various scholarships for eligible international students. Select scholarships are available to International students who are first year freshmen. In addition, there are departmental scholarships for specific majors.

UCLA Extension Certificate Programs for International Students

The Laurel Hummel Scholarship was established for international students in 2005. They award four scholarships each quarter. Each scholarship award is approximately $1,550 and is applied to course fees at UCLA Extension. Students who are foreign citizens or who have dual citizenship with the USA and another country are eligible to apply.

Foothill College / De Anza College

The Foothill College/ De Anza College offers many different scholarships. They offer an online platform to allow students to see the various scholarships that are available. Students are able to see each scholarship’s criteria for eligibility. Once students have applied they can monitor the status of the scholarship they applied for.

Golden Gate University

Golden Gate University offers international students scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students. International students who are eligible for the undergraduate scholarships are able to receive up to $2,000 annually. The graduate scholarship varies in award amount depending on the program you enroll in and other criteria.

Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey

International students at Middlebury Institute are eligible for need-based scholarships. It is recommended that international students submit their application by the priority deadline that is determined each session. For more information on scholarships at Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey, click here.

Santa Monica College

International students are eligible for scholarships at Santa Monica College (SMC) once they have completed 12 units at SMC, greater than 2.5 GPA, and making satisfactory progress. For more information about scholarships at SMC, click here.

National University

National University offers two different scholarships for international students: a scholarship for prospective students and a scholarship for current National University students. Each scholarship offers reimbursement up to a certain amount based on the amount of courses the student takes. For more information about scholarships at National University, click here.

Loyola Marymount University

Undergraduate international students are automatically considered for a scholarship at Loyola Marymount University (LMU). There is no application needed to be considered. Graduate international students have many resources for finding scholarships or grants based on their major and other requirements. For more information about scholarships at LMU, click here.

Gemological Institute of America

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) offers various scholarships to international students. Scholarships are based on the student’s home country and other factors. They currently offer 10 different scholarships. For more information about scholarships at GIA, click here.

Golden West College

Golden West College (GWC) provides scholarships to international students that are current GWC students in any major. In addition to the general scholarship that is offered, they also provide department/program specific scholarships, as well. For more information on requirements for scholarships at Golden West College, click here.

Los Angeles Trade – Technical College

Los Angeles Trade – Technical College offers scholarships to international students who are new and current students. There are a variety of scholarships available based on your chosen area of study. Requirements and restrictions vary. For more information on scholarships at Los Angeles Trade – Technical College, click here.

Moorpark College

Moorpark College provides support for international students to find scholarships and financial aid. Scholarships are awarded based on academic excellence and other requirements determined by the donor of the scholarship. For more information on which scholarships you qualify for, click here.

Cerritos College

Cerritos College offers a general scholarship to all students, including international students. The minimum requirements are to be enrolled at Cerritos College and have a minimum GPA of 2.0.

Coastline Community College

Coastline Community College (CCC) offers a general scholarship that is available to all current students at Coastline Community College. In addition, they also offer a scholarship to 12th grade high schools students who will be enrolling at Coastline and majoring in Business or Science related degrees, in the upcoming fall semester. For more information on scholarships at Coastline Community College, click here.

Los Angeles Valley College

Los Angeles Valley College (LAVC) offers resources and support to international students in finding scholarships. The LAVC Foundation offers a number of scholarships and grants based on the area of interest and other requirements. For more information on scholarships at Los Angeles Valley College, click here.

Peralta Community College District

Peralta Community College District offers international students specific scholarships. Scholarships are available to international students that meet certain requirements. Scholarship availability changes from year to year. For more information on scholarships at Peralta Community College District, click here.

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