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9 Apps That Help International Students Adjust to Life in the United States By Ethan Miller

The United States of America is one of the most sought after education hubs in the world, attracting students from all across the globe. Irrespective of culture, creed or nationality, students from all walks of life harbor the American dream of making it big by pursuing the degree of their choice from one of the best US universities.


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5 Ways to Make Your First Experience with a Roommate a Positive One By Kristina Carroll

Dorm life is a huge part of a person’s college experience—and a student’s relationship with their roommate can make or break it. While it’s important to make an effort to get along with your roommate, it’s also not a good idea to force your friendship. Here are some tips to make your first year with a roommate go smoothly.



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How to Cultivate a Dorm Environment That Contributes to a Successful School Year By Anica Oaks

Education is a valuable resource that can take you far in life. If you choose the route of formal education with a college degree, you’ll have the opportunity to get the experience of dorm life, school clubs and late nights filled with studying. A formal education is also a really major financial investment. It’s so important that you avoid squandering this educational opportunity because it costs tens of thousands of dollars.

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How to Save Money in College: Top Alternative Housing Options By Alexa Paikowski

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College – it’s an amazing place, an incredible education, a great learning experience… and not to mention a huge expense. The cost of tuition alone is enough to break the bank. But then, there are the extra expenses such as books, meal plans, clubs, and of course, housing.





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Tips to Make Freshman Life a Little Easier By Eileen O'Shanassy

Nothing is more terrifying than being immersed in a new environment and feeling unsure of what you’re doing. Most teenagers spend their entire lives in one town, seeing the same people every day, and knowing their surroundings like the back of their hand. As you move through life though, you’ll probably move out of your small town and the first year of college can seem overwhelming before it has even begun. There is nothing to worry about once you learn how to hack your freshman year. Whether you are beginning your college journey in the fall or are currently in your first year, here are the best fifteen tips to make freshman life a little easier.

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How to Make Your College Experience Prepare You for a Prestigious Career By Hannah Whittenly

For most people, college is not only a learning experience, but also a path to a career. The problem, however, is that many students fail to use their college years to their fullest potential. If approached in the correct way, college can leave you with more than just a degree to take to potential future employers. Here are four ways you can tailor your college experience to prepare you for a more successful and prestigious career.

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Ten Ways to Balance a Tight Schedule at School and Work

Making the decision to start or return to college is an exciting one – the beginning of a new chapter in your life. But it can be a real challenge to manage school and work when you’re committed to both.

So how do you keep your existing responsibilities and your educational goals in sync? We have a few ideas to help you out.




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5 Things to Do the Final Month of College By Robyn Scott

Spring is in full bloom, and that means another graduating class of college students is preparing for final exams and life after university. Many students burn the candle at both ends right up until graduation day and end up burnt out when they’re applying for jobs and giving interviews. One of the best things students can do is think ahead and organize their thoughts, so they are ready to go out there and conquer the world after they finish those last few exams and quizzes.

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How to Continue Making Car Payments While Going to School By Eileen O'Shanassy

Life comes at you fast, and before you know it, you’re in a situation that makes you feel like you’re in over your head. Whether you’re starting a family, going to school, or just getting your first loan, life can seem daunting and fast-paced, especially when it comes to finances. When you’re attending school and have car payments to make, you don’t have any room for errors or mistakes. Here’s the best way to continue making car payments or other big payments while going to school.

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