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Students and their parents find great tips on choosing a college, paying for college, writing a standout college essay, and more.

5 Surefire Ways to Get a Scholarship This Semester By Dixie Somers

Scholarships come in all shapes and sizes, but in an odd twist, their ubiquity can make them difficult to sift through and find the ones that are truly valuable or meaningful. If you’re applying for a college such as this one in  Salt Lake City and could use a little financial help, here are just five ways to find a good scholarship.

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The ACT vs. SAT: Which Exam Should You Take? By Kristina Carroll, CollegeWeekLive

Standardized testing is an important part of college admissions, and it is often dreaded by many high school students. From choosing which test to take, to trying to get to your target score, mastering the SAT and ACT exams is no easy task. Should you take the ACT, SAT, or both? Before answering that, it’s important to know the main differences between each exam.


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Active Reading Strategies for the GRE By Chris Lele

This post originally appeared on the Magoosh GRE blog.


Prepping for the GRE exam? In addition to GRE practice tests, learn these active reading tips, then allot yourself plenty of time before the GRE exam date to put them into practice. Read the following passage and then we’ll sync back up:



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5 Ways to Prepare for Your First Year of College this Fall By Robyn Scott

Students are on their way to their first year of college and looking forward to all of the exciting things they’ll learn and all the new people they get to meet. In this first adult stage of life many students find the transition to be somewhat overwhelming and end up feeling unprepared. These feelings can take away from the many positive elements of the college experience so it’s better to think about what students can do in order to prepare ahead of time and smooth the transition to post-secondary education.


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Education Enthusiasm: Why It’s Never Too Late To Go Back By Emma Sturgis

Just because you feel like you’re too old to go back to school doesn’t mean that you are. While parents would love for their teens to go straight to college following their graduations, only about 79 percent of graduates actually enroll in school by the time they reach 20. Since some graduates take a break from school, it’s no surprise that 40 percent of student populations are 25 and older.




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How to Choose the Right Online Degree Program By Jesse Johnson

For students who have families and full-time jobs, or those who simply appreciate the convenience of studying remotely, an online degree program might make the most sense. The benefits online programs offer students include lower costs, unlimited access to course materials, and flexibility in schedules and location.




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Wanting to Go Back to School? 5 Tips for Making the Right Choice By Harper Harmon

When I was a kid, my parents’ attitude toward college degrees was, Jjust get one…any one.” In their youth, the simple act of completing college was a stand-alone achievement capable of propelling you into professional success. Vacillating between a handful of undeveloped ideas and lacking the fortitude to commit to a strenuous study plan, I picked one. It was the wrong one. The rewards of taking outdated advice and pursuing a (really neat) degree without a long term job plan have been slim. The reality of modern education has been a big departure from previous expectations. College today is more costly but has also become a standard prerequisite to almost any successful career. If you are thinking of attending or returning to college, here are five tips (learned the hard way) for choosing a profession that can pay back your efforts.

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Graduate Admissions and Funding in the United States By Kristina Carroll, CollegeWeekLive

Are you thinking about pursuing an MBA in the United States? The graduate admissions and financial aid process for international students looking to study in the U.S. is not a simple one, but going through it can be very beneficial to your career. Here are some things you can do to prepare for the process.



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Basic Technical Skills All New Graduates Should Have By Eileen O'Shanassy

As a newly graduated student, leaving the confines of your classes can be an intimidating, yet exciting experience. All college graduates who set out into the real world and leave their weekly classes behind will find a recurring theme in the types of jobs they will end up with. Unless you’re interested in a hard trade that does not utilize computers or an office space of any kind, you’re likely to need a certain technical skill set in order to be a viable asset in today’s marketplace.


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