College admissions 101


Applying to college may seem really stressful. Here are five tips that may set your mind at ease!

1.    The odds are in your favor. You can get into college. In fact, nearly 500 four-year colleges accept more than 75 percent of applicants.

2.    They want to get to know you. For colleges, you are more than your test scores. Of course getting good grades and high test scores is very helpful, but you can also increase your odds of getting into your school of choice by writing a standout essay and building skills outside the classroom.

3.    You’re part of a team. Your high school counselor, teachers, and your parents are there to help you, so don’t go it alone. There are also lots of nonprofit organizations that are dedicated to helping students from all backgrounds find a successful path to college. Don’t be afraid to ask for help!

4.    It’s not the end all, be all. Choosing the right college is important but it’s also helpful to keep it in perspective. Invest the time up front to find the right fit, but if it turns out the school isn’t right for you; you do have the opportunity to transfer. Thousands of students do so every year.

5.    There’s lots of help once you get there. Concerned about being on your own for the first time? Ask about what resources are available to help new students. Many schools have student tutoring, as well as mental health counseling, health and wellness centers, and even peer support to ensure that incoming freshmen have someone to turn to if they hit an obstacle along the way.

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