A Culture of College Drinking: How to Teach New Students to Set Limits By Eileen O'Shanassy

161104_college_student_books_drinkingIn a world of BYOB, keg stands, and Thirsty Thursdays, college students often find themselves flooded with opportunities, invitations, and even demands to engage in social drinking. Instead of falling prey to the binging bullies of the college drinking culture, learn how to protect yourself from the serious and life-threatening consequences of failing to set your limits early. Here are some ideas to help you on your college career.

Find a Faithful Friend

Prior to heading to the nearest campus party or day-long tailgate, find a friend to hold you accountable and to stay by you. By checking in with your designated buddy, you can be sure that neither of you has surpassed your limits or gotten into trouble. Giving yourself the reciprocal duty of looking out for a friend you care for can also help you to moderate the amount of alcohol you consume and help you to know how you plan to get safely back home.

Self-Designated Driver

Running with a crowd of heavy drinkers can be a recipe for disaster during your college life. Volunteer to serve as a designated driver for the night and take note of which friends drink safely and which friends abuse or misuse alcohol. Experiencing the culture of college drinking through sober eyes can be enlightening in many senses. As a watchful DD, you can see the dangerous trends, tendencies, and warning signals as the night of drinking progresses, which may in return allow you to be more observant of your own patterns when you do drink.

Campus Resources

Inevitably, some college parties will quickly escalate to unsafe levels. In order to stay safe, it is important to know how to contact campus safety if the need ever arises. Whether the call summons a safe ride back to a dorm, or a medical response to critical intoxication levels, campus safety contact information should remain stored and easily accessible in your cell phone, purse, pocket, or memory.

Get Caught, Get Help

When the allure and habits of the college drinking culture becomes irresistible, negative consequences lurk at every corner. If you sense that your drinking escapades have become more habitual than voluntary, you may want to seek the help of a college counselor or addiction treatment centers. When your sleep schedule, health, GPA, or reputation suffers from your constant need to immerse yourself in the college drinking scene, qualified professionals have realistic and helpful options for remaining in control. An Orange County Drug Rehab Center suggests you get help early to get yourself on a good path for the rest of your life.

Often lauded as the best four years of your life, college can present many exciting opportunities. By staying prepared and aware, you can experience all that college has to offer while staying safe in the drinking culture that surrounds you.