Deadline coming soon for March SATs

satThe late registration deadline for the next SATs is coming up on February 23. Sign up today to take the test on March 5, 2016. Then follow these three steps to help you get the best score:

  • Spend lots of time reading. The SAT isn’t about memorizing words. It’s about demonstrating your understanding of vocabulary. The more you read, the better you are likely to do on the test. Read the newspaper every day and check out classic novels to boost your vocabulary.
  • Develop a strategy for math questions. The best way to master the math section of the test is to understand the content of the test. Then focus on improving not only your knowledge of the subject but your speed at answering math questions. Check out these math test prep tips to get you there.
  • Take a practice test.Download practice apps to get daily SAT practice questions and instant practice test scores.

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