Different Careers You Can Get with a Master’s in Education By Rachael Murphey

It’s no secret that the job market is rocky at best, but some degrees are versatile enough to give you a leg up on the competition. If you’ve been considering pursuing a Masters of Education, then here are just a few of the job options that would become available to you with this degree.


Adult Educator

If you love to teach but aren’t a fan of kids, the role of an adult educator might be great for you. You’d be instructing adults seeking their GEDs in high school level courses like math and English. A Masters is typically required for these positions and you would most likely be employed through a local university.

Curriculum Developer

Textbook companies are always looking for people with real teaching experience to examine the information in their books. With your Masters of Education, you’ll be a reliable educator to verify the teaching-relevance of any in-text material. These same companies will often hire people in research and online instructional development capacities, if that seems more your speed.

Higher Education

Many universities are thrilled to hire someone with a Masters of Education as support staff or professors, depending on your preference. As support staff, you’ll be well-qualified for research or office work, like in admissions or registration. If you prefer a professorial role, then most universities will accept teachers with a Masters, especially if that degree is in education.

Corporate Trainer

This job requires you to have a bit of relevant work experience, but it’s an excellent position that your Masters of Education will help prepare you for. Many companies hire consultants with field experience to help train and instruct their staff. If you’ve worked consistently in an industry or choose to do so while pursuing your degree, that experience will combine perfectly with your Master’s of Education to prepare you for this position.

Aim High

Many people hesitate before pursuing their Master’s of Education, but the time to strike is now. Yes, tuition can be a large hindrance for many would-be students, but have you considered online courses? There is a surplus of Masters of Education programs you can do at home and at significantly reduced cost, so consider all your options before deciding that your career goals are out of reach. Regardless of how you achieve it, pursuing a Masters of Education will be a worthwhile use of your time and will provide you with countless opportunities for employment.