Five tips no one will tell you about choosing a college

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At this time of the year you’re likely getting a barrage of information from universities, and it’s easy to be overwhelmed by choices. Not sure what to do? Here are five quick tips on choosing a school that’s the best fit for you.

•    Don’t get bogged down by school rankings. It’s easy to get caught up in the prestige of a school, but be sure whichever university you choose, they actually have the type of environment that works for you.

•    Consider your learning style. Are you independent minded and self-motivated? You may excel in a school with large classes and a good deal of competition. If, however, you’re someone who seeks personal support, you’ll likely want a school that has smaller classes and tutoring programs.

•    Look beyond published prices. Tuition rates are steep, but keep in mind that many schools offer generous scholarships.

•    Make your own decisions. Talk to people who know you best—your parents, teachers, high school counselor, even older siblings to get their input. But ultimately, it’s best to go with what feels right to you.

•    Look beyond big name schools. There are thousands of colleges and universities around the world, many you’ve probably never heard of. Research schools online, ask current college students, and you may find a terrific school that’s just right for you.

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