Four Ways to Balance Your Social Life with Studies, and Pursue Your Passion at College By Adela Belin

The college phase is widely considered as the golden years of a student’s life. With so much to do and learn, it is the time when a student truly grows as a person. But, often, we have also seen many starry-eyed students go on to become depressed and low in spirits as enough time passes in the university. Things take on a mundane spin, and high-stress levels build up. They face severe mental problems, such as anxiety and depression, and end up being lost and conflicted. To every bright side, there is a dark one. College has the promise to provide you with the best days of your lives, but it can also be the dark chasm you can succumb yourself to if you do not manage things well.

In universities, students have to deal with several things at once. The never ending tasks like assignments, exams, tutorials, and responsibilities of part-time jobs keep them occupied. Despite being at the most productive age of their life, they hardly get time to pursue their passion. There are many steps one has to take to manage all of these things without being stressed and low in spirits.

Here are the four ways to balance your social life and studies, and pursue your passion at college.

Discover Yourself

Discovering yourself is the first thing you would have to do to hold your ground and find a voice in the campus. This is not a straightforward and quick process. It may take a lot of time, and it goes on as you grow older. But, before embarking on a new journey (that is, your university life) start by focusing on self-discovery. The reason why discovering yourself is so important is it is highly likely that many students have the same academic caliber as you in your college. You may have been a top-notch student at your high school, but in college, you are going to face some of the strongest students from all over the world. If it is a grade A university, it is more of a tight spot to be in. Despite all of this, don’t let the idea of competition get to you. It is a big world, and everyone has their own space; Find that space. It will help you to be positive and focus on your strengths and weaknesses, instead of running in the rat race and trying to drag everybody else down. As you proceed in knowing yourself, your thoughts will become clearer, and your goals much focused. Academically, it will help you have an individualistic voice in your college assignments and projects, thus, making your work stand out. Self-discovery is also the first step in realizing your passion. You will know where your strengths and interests lie and capitalizing on it will become just a matter of time. It will also help you find the right kind of people to socialize with, thereby, providing a socially and academically satisfying and balanced life on campus.

Choose the Right Peers

At your university, you will meet all kinds of people – good, bad and ugly! Distinguishing the right from the wrong kind of individuals is very important, as the friends you make during your university phase will become a good part of your life for the longest time. Figure yourself out and choose a group of friends accordingly. The right and wrong kind is subjected to your own personality. There is no inherently good or bad if you take out morality from the equation. This doesn’t mean you only socialize with people who share the same belief systems as you do. Befriend students who you do not necessarily agree with on a personal and philosophical level. Befriend students who have a different cultural background from yours. This is sure to help you see the world in a different light, and make you compassionate towards the various sects of the society. Psychological and cultural diversity is a crucial component of a good social group. Your peers will help you create a confident, compassionate and intelligent personality, which is as important as academia. Be friends with people who understand your studying needs and habits, and who can assist you in the same. They will respect your personal space, and you can manage your studies and social life more efficiently.

Manage Time

It is a known fact that most students experience a time crisis in the university. Taking care of assignments, projects, exams, etc., along with a social life and pleasure activities becomes a huge problem when it comes to time management. Often students either fail to keep up with academics or become bookworms with practically no social life or passion. It becomes equally harmful if either of the two is lost on the way. Create a well planned and organized schedule that you can follow effectively. Allocate time for studies, doing projects and assignments, co-curricular activities, and exclusive time for socializing and leisure activities. Follow this schedule religiously. Do not let one part of your daily life come in the way of another. Make sure that you also give ample time for yourself to follow your(or discover) your passion. At University, the scope is much more than just academics. Having a schedule and following it religiously will inculcate qualities like discipline and sincerity. By doing this, you will end up with a well-formed mind instead of just a well educated one.

Be Stress-Free

Stress is the number one cause of severe mental illnesses like anxiety and depression. And, it is no secret that university life comes with a lot of stress. Every student has high hopes for the future and works hard to accomplish it. The pertaining question here is- at what cost? Stress is a dangerous thing, it kills all your productivity, and results in a miserable state of mind. Having a stress-free state of mind helps you in focusing on the different facets of being a university student. It is a given that there are many things a student has to do during his college tenure, but there are efficient and stress-free ways of doing these things as well. Plan and organize activities in advance according to your capabilities, take enough rest, and most importantly, work smartly instead of mindlessly laboring your way through a task. If you are already stressed, indulge in stress management activities. Remember that whatever you do, you can never have complete control over the outcome of your efforts. Do what you must and have fun doing it. It is the best time of your life, don’t give it all up for the sake of a better future. Strive to make your present pleasant.


Managing your social life and studies, along with pursuing your passion is not as mammoth a task as people believe it to be. It can be easily accomplished if you know your capabilities and weaknesses, surround yourself with the right kind of people, know how to manage your time effectively. Most importantly, lead a stress-free life. If you implement these simple tips into your daily life, you can be assured that you will reap the fruits of your time in the university for the rest of your life.