Gain five new skills to succeed in college & beyond

college skills

Your professors and your future employers will want you to have “soft skills” such as the ability to work in a team or to think creatively. Here are five ways to get these in-demand skills:

Improve your collaboration skills through community service projects, extracurricular activities, sports programs, or study groups.

Get an internship to strengthen your communication skills. Having great verbal and written skills will help you get into college – and succeed once you’re there. Your professors and advisors will expect you to be able to ask good questions, listen, and accept constructive criticism.

Learn problem-solving skills. Challenge yourself by putting yourself in unfamiliar settings, such as joining the debate team or studying in a new city.

Enhance your time management skills. You can learn to work independently and manage your own time by getting a part-time job or doing volunteer work after school.

Develop leadership skills by getting involved in student government, leading an extracurricular club, or taking initiative in other ways in high school.

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