Get the lowdown on campus life

300x200-Oct-CampusVisitsAs you research colleges, you’ll likely have several opportunities to talk directly with current students at the school, either through your campus visits or virtual events like online open houses. Some universities also host student-led webcasts where they’ll connect you with current students. This is a fantastic opportunity to hear about what it’s really like on campus.

Want to get a better handle on campus life? Here are some great questions to start with:

1. What do you like best/least about the school?

2. What surprised you most when you arrived on campus?

3. Why did you choose to attend this school?

4. How often do students tend to leave campus on the weekends?

5. What kinds of fun things are there to do nearby?

6. What are the dorms like?

7. How big is Greek life on campus?

8. What are some of the more popular clubs on campus?

9. Where’s your favorite place to hang out on campus?

10. Is there anything you know now that you wish you had known as an incoming student?

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