Getting ready for campus life

headed to collegeSoon the long wait will be over and you’ll be headed to your first day of college. Campus life has lots of perks. It’s your first time having some real independence. And you can roll out of bed and be to class in minutes. Before you make the big move, take a few quick steps over the summer to help make it all go smoothly.

•  Check out your new digs. Find out the layout of your dorm room. You might be adjusting to a smaller space, so get a sense of what you have to work with to help you with shopping for your new dorm room.

•  Join a campus club or two. Pick something you’re passionate about–and maybe try something brand new you hadn’t considered before!

•  Connect with your roomie ahead of time. Chatting online can help break the ice before the big first day—and help you both better plan on what to bring along with you.

•  Find out where the health services office is and what they offer. Get the lay of the land so if you do get sick, you’ll know exactly where you’re going and can get help to feel well quickly.

•  Make a financial plan. From books to coffee, it’s amazing how little costs start to add up when you’re away from home. You might want to talk with a friend in college to get an idea of what to expect, and make a plan for how to stay on budget. If your parents are helping you, be sure you understand their expectations to avoid any miscommunications down the road.