Graduate Admissions and Funding in the United States By Kristina Carroll, CollegeWeekLive

Are you thinking about pursuing an MBA in the United States? The graduate admissions and financial aid process for international students looking to study in the U.S. is not a simple one, but going through it can be very beneficial to your career. Here are some things you can do to prepare for the process.



Practice Your English

Most college classes in the United States are conducted entirely in English, and they usually require multiple reading and writing assignments throughout the semester. Therefore, English proficiency is required. Many US universities also require international students to take the TOEFL exam, so it is important to brush up on your English comprehension before applying.

Prepare for the GRE

The GRE is a common exam required of prospective international graduate students by many universities across the United States. It consists of three sections—verbal, math, and writing. Your GRE score is an important part of your application, so it’s a good idea to start studying early.

Look into Funding Options

Many of the student loan and financial aid options that American students take advantage of are not applicable to international students, so it’s important to research the financial aid options available to you before applying to a university. There are many different scholarships geared entirely toward international students pursuing a graduate degree, so it’s just a matter of finding the ones you qualify for!


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