Helping your child with test prep

test prep tips for parents
Parents of high schoolers often wonder, how can I help my child prepare for the SATs in a way that’s helpful and not hovering?

Know the benchmarks. Talk with your child’s high school counselor about key dates when it comes to test prep. This includes when to sign up for the SATs, how soon your child can take a practice test, and when they should begin to prepare. Most experts advise students to begin prepping for the SATs at least 12 weeks in advance of their test.

Find out the scores they need. Once your child has selected the top colleges or universities they’re interested in, remind them to visit each school’s website to find out what scores are needed to get in.

Be sure to carve out time. Your child should be spending at least an hour a day preparing for the SATs.

Get extra help. If your child has a tough time with test taking or doesn’t perform well on their practice test, consider hiring a tutor. This one-on-one guidance can make a big difference.

Keep it in perspective. It’s common for students to experience anxiety over big tests like the SATs. Although you want to emphasize the importance of the SATs, remind your child that it’s only one factor that colleges consider when reviewing their application.

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