How to create a stellar resume while you’re still in college

resume writing tips for college studentsAs a college student you might feel like you don’t have a lot to say on your resume, but you may have more experience than you think! Follow these easy steps to start building an impressive resume:

• Jot down a list of all the jobs you’ve held, even if they’re just after school jobs. Think about what you learned from them. Maybe you learned strong sales skills or how to work as a team. Or you took the initiative to take on additional tasks beyond your job description.

• Write down all your volunteer experiences. Think about why you participated in those organizations and what value you provided. Even seemingly lower level tasks can demonstrate your strong commitment to the mission of an organization.

• Include your college information. Mention the school, your major, your expected graduation date, as well as any awards or honors that you’ve received.

• Mention awards. Make a note of any scholarships or honors that you won in high school or college.

• Consider adding in relevant extracurricular activities. Today’s employers want to know that you have “soft skills” such as the ability to work independently and as a team, think creatively, and communicate well. Highlight extracurricular activities that demonstrate this.

• Search online. Look for good sample resumes from other college students. This may spark ideas of skills or attributes that you’ve forgotten to mention.

• Write a summary statement at the top of your resume highlighting your key strengths. Then dive into writing about your experience in chronological order (with the most recent experience first).

• Get input. Ask an adult such as a professor or mentor for input on your resume. Writing your own resume is actually really tough. Someone else who knows you well may be able to bring some fresh ideas that you hadn’t thought of.

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