How to Earn Money As You Study in a Foreign University By Alex Hepgurn

While it is true that studying abroad can be exciting and satisfying, it can also, at times, create pressure on students who do not have strong financial support. While living according to an extremely different set of standards and style of living, one has to adapt and come up with ways to be able to survive and flourish.

The first step to studying abroad is to be able to cover expenses. These include but are not limited to the cost of the program, accommodation charges, the cost of books, food, traveling and several other miscellaneous (and necessary) expenses. Here are a few tips that can help you earn some extra money while you study in a foreign university:

Teach and Earn By Providing Tuition Classes

One way to earn a little extra money for yourself is by providing tuition classes and teaching other students. This method comes highly recommended especially for students, since teaching others only helps you further develop your knowledge as well. Through this one particular method, it also becomes possible for you to explore your teaching skills and think about teaching as a career option as well.

Work at Home

This is one option that works anywhere, for everyone who is willing to work as a freelancer. This can be done by carefully calculating the number of hours you might be free and providing online writing services and developing content. One way to make easy money while sitting at home is by participating in and filling out some paid surveys that tend to go around every few months in some countries.

Work During Summers

When you get summer vacations in the middle of the semester (or maybe at the end of a term) in a foreign university, you can earn some money and get a good working experience by taking up an internship at a company of your preference, or maybe by joining summer camps and taking up seasonal jobs.

Find a Part-Time Job

If you have a few hours in your day that you can easily spare without disturbing your study schedule, you can also take up a part-time job and work, for example, at night at a restaurant, and earn experience and money.


One method that is a sure-shot at helping you earn some extra money while you study abroad is by babysitting for families, especially on weekends when most people usually look for someone reliable to take care of their children or their house (or certain valuable belongings) as they go out on weekends. There is also a trend in foreign countries of parents looking for someone to take care of their kids after they come back from school until their bedtime, and they pay people by the hour to babysit. So, if you have some free time on your hands, this is one option that is easy and can help you earn a lot as you study.

On-Campus Jobs

If you are a student studying in a foreign university, you should be on a constant look-out for job opportunities that might be available on campus. Such jobs, even though they do not pay extraordinarily well, can help you gain work experience and provide you with some financial stability as you study. The best advantage of taking up on-campus jobs is that they are not demanding and tend to end when you finish you studies.

Through Scholarships

Another way to make sure that your financial backup is strong and reliable is by taking up scholarships. Certain universities provide funding and give students a monthly allowance that covers their living expenses. Many universities in the United States provide students with partial and full scholarships, depending on their qualifications.

The Danish government, for instance, offers ‘long-term scholarships’ to students who are from China, Japan and several other countries. Scholarships can thus help you sustain as you study. You can also offer to help out other senior professors or researchers and help them with data collection and other menial work. And who knows, maybe this way you will be able to enhance your knowledge further as you study your own course!

Yard Sale

You can also sell your unnecessary items by regularly holding a yard sale or selling online, through websites such as e-Bay, Amazon or Craigslist. A simpler way is by directly contacting your friends and family, or by making a purchase of some valuable item at a cheaper price from somewhere (a cheaper shop in the market) and selling it at a higher price to your friends or people you think would value the item more and would be willing to pay a good price for it.

Tour Guide and Travel Writing

If you think you know certain places (ones that have the potential to attract tourists) around your campus and can spare a few hours roaming around outside, this is one option that might work in your favor. Or you can also write an article on some interesting historical fact as part of your freelance gig!