How to Optimize Your Resume for a Specific Job By Sharon Groves

Whether you’re graduating soon or you’ve recently graduated, you’re probably excited to finally land a position in your desired field. You’ve spent a lot of time working toward this goal, and you don’t want to waste any time in seeing it through to completion. One of the best ways to speed up your job search is by tailoring your resume. Just a few small changes can make all of the difference in the world when it comes to helping you secure that position as quickly as possible.



Come Out Strong

You already know the value of first impressions, but things are a little different when it comes to a job. Your interview is actually your second impression – your resume is your first. Start off strong with the points in your resume. Make sure everything is arranged in order of relevance. Make a strong, but brief introduction. You don’t want the person reviewing your resume to walk away with questions about who you are, what you can offer, and what your deal is.

Don’t Mention Everything

Not everything you’ve experienced is going to be relevant to your resume. Recruiters and hiring professionals see a lot of resumes from college students and recent grads that feature extracurricular involvements, internships, and volunteer opportunities. Some of these will look great on your resume, but it’s inevitable that they won’t all be relevant. Stick to the experiences and skills that sell you as the perfect candidate for the specific job you’re attempting to get.

Use Words from the Job Description

When you’re reading job postings on Gumtree, start taking note. You want to reflect as much of the description in your resume as possible. It shows that you actually read that description, and you’re willing to demonstrate your value when it comes to assets that are most important to that employer. They’ll know you didn’t blindly send off a blanket resume meant to address every employer possible. It shows that you care and you understand what they’re looking for.

Make Sure Your Resume is Short Enough

If your resume is very long, it may overwhelm the person who is supposed to review it. There’s no way everything in your long resume is necessary to get the point across. Show some respect by trimming it down to bare bones. There’s only a few things your potential employer will need to know about you before considering you for an interview. Leave some stuff out, and save it to use as talking points in the interview should it become useful or relevant to do so.

Tell Them Why You Want to Work With Them

Companies look at all sorts of things when considering a candidate. One of the most important things they’re considering is cultural fit. What drew you to the company? Why are you interested in becoming a part of their team? What can you provide, and how passionate do you feel about the causes they support? Don’t go on a long diatribe, but touch on that in your cover letter. They’ll know you’re serious, and that level of commitment might inspire them to choose you over someone who has more experience.

Once you’ve drawn on the perfect skeleton of a resume, it’s easy to tweak it for the eyes of several different employers. Make sure your first draft is great, and take care of adjustments as the need arises. If you’ve created a strong resume from the start, you may not have to send it out too many times before you secure your dream job.

Sharon Groves is a blogger based in Sydney, writing for several online magazines and managing a small marketing team at She loves to travel and discover new cuisines.