How to Start Writing Your College Essay By Kristina Carroll, CollegeWeekLive

A college essay, also known as a personal statement, is one of the most intimidating elements of the college application process, because for many students it is very hard to start. There are many things a student must take into consideration when writing their essay, from topic to structure, to word count and grammar. If done well, an essay can be the deciding factor between two applicants, and if done poorly, it can ruin a student’s application.


Why do colleges require them?

Colleges ask for personal statements so that they can get a glimpse of a student beyond their academic history. These essays basically allow students to write about anything important to them, such as an extracurricular activity they take part in, a hardship they have faced, or a unique quality they possess. In reading these essays, admissions officers are able to pick out characteristics in students that they might not necessarily be able to see just by looking at their transcripts.

How should students write them?

College essays aren’t easy, and there are many things that a student can do wrong while writing them. For example, one huge mistake that many students make when writing their college essays is listing their accomplishments rather than highlighting what those accomplishments mean and why they matter. There are also a lot of overused and clichéd topics that admissions officers read over and over again, and therefore get tired of pretty quickly. So, how do you know if your essay is interesting and appealing to admissions officers before submitting it?

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