How to Write your Winning Scholarship Essay: Tips & Tricks by Julie Petersen

Writing to win a scholarship is no easy task. Students must be original and creative, honest and profound, as well as have pristine grammar, spelling and structure. It’s a lot for even the best student to handle, and it can all become overwhelming. Stay stress-free and don’t worry, there is help available. Follow these 10 steps and use them as your guide. Begin to enhance your chances of winning your scholarship of choice and improve your writing skills in the process.

1. Review the guidelines You need to follow the guidelines of the scholarship requirements. You don’t want to ruin your chances of winning by forgetting to properly format your essay, or address every request. There may be small details you miss, so take your time.

2. Perform research Don’t assume you know everything there is to know, even about yourself. If you are writing an essay on leadership, ask yourself what obstacles you have overcome. What did these struggles teach you? This is information you want to include in your essay, and it may be something you need to contemplate and research.

3. Create an outline If you do not begin with a proper outline, your essay will be disorganized and likely stray from the original and important focus. This should be your first step before even beginning to write the first sentence of your essay.

4. Be confident, but humble Elaborate on your accomplishments, and do not be afraid to write about your talents. However, remember to keep a level head and humble nature. You are after all applying for a scholarship

5. Grab reader’s attention with the first sentence You need to make the reader remember you from the very first sentence of your essay. You want to stand out from the crowd and piles of essays. No different from a great book, you want your readers to be involved from the minute they start.

6. Use online resources This site is free and easy to use and offers a wide range of networking and helpful platforms. From free online writing portfolios and sharing abilities, to writing contests and numerous writing tools, the site connects you with everything you need to succeed. Plagtracker’s unique checking algorithm can assure you that your essay is 100% unique. You never want to submit a copied essay. It can ruin your chances of winning the scholarship and will ruin your academic reputation.

This professional writing service is made up of highly qualified professionals and offers one-on-one editing assistance. Do not proofread once and be done with it. Ask for support and view their free essay-writing guide as well. U.S. News offers some pro writing tips that are extremely valuable for any student trying to win a scholarship. It’s a quick and easy way to stay on top of your daily tasks and is a good checklist before submitting your material.  

This site offers an essay writing guide and tips, as well as prompts to help make your essay stand out. The questions will make you think of valuable answers and help guide your writing in the right direction. This blog site is a one-stop shop for all your essay-writing needs. It’s a free site that offers unique articles on every aspect of essay writing, as well as other useful life hacks.

This thesis building website is free, however they do accept donations. Users can find and discover topics and create generated outlines that will help with the overall essay writing process.

7. Demonstrate your abilities and personality Don’t just write what you think professors or judges want to hear. Write your essay with honesty and be true to who you are. Chances are good, even if it’s not perfect, a student’s essay that is thought provoking and heartfelt will gain more attention.

8. Use simple, concise language You don’t want to show off your vocabulary skills with every single sentence. There are probably hundreds, if not thousands, of other scholarship applicants, so you want to make sure there is a level of readability and a natural flow with your essay.

9. Review to be sure the essay addresses every requirement Once you feel that you have completed your first draft, don’t worry about proofreading and fine-tuning just yet. First review the guidelines and be sure you have addressed every area necessary.

10. Edit and proofread thoroughly Once you do make it to the editing process, don’t rush it. You can breath now that your information is on the paper. Take a short break and then get ready to put effort into your proofreading systems and practices. No matter what you topic is, always use carefully selected language and focus on your enthusiasm and past experience. Use a positive mindset and remain motivated during the writing process. Believe you can win, use the tips and tools listed above, and start your journey to the gold medal scholarship finish line today!

Julie Petersen is a freelance writer and a private English language tutor. As the author of AskPetersen blog she regularly publish helpful educational articles, guides, essay samples and other information for students. Check out one of her latest blog posts.  Contact Julie here.