Letting go

advice for parents of new college students


Sending your child off to college is an exciting time but it’s also filled with lots of emotions for parents and kids alike. Here are some great tips from family counselors on getting through this roller coaster ride.

  • Celebrate. Recognize the work your child put in to getting accepted to college, and celebrate this important step.
  •  Schedule “you” time. You may have an empty nest but there’s no need to sit around in it. Schedule something fun to do this summer.
  •  Set expectations. Talk with your child about how they’ll keep in touch. Sometimes college kids just need to know that you’ll feel better once you’ve gotten a quick call or a text to let you know they’re ok.
  •  Point them in the right direction. If your child calls from campus with issues, be sure they know that in addition to you, they can also call on advisors, tutors, and health center professionals on campus if they need additional support.
  •  Send care packages. This is a fun way to stay connected that’s often very appreciated by college students.
  • Be encouraging. Recognize that most new college students go through a lot of transitions, not all of them positive. Be there to encourage them on their path to independence.

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