Living healthy on campus

running-athlete-vector-free_23-2147492709Your health probably isn’t the first thing you’re thinking about when you’re in college, but it’s easy to fall into habits that make you feel not-so-hot. Follow these quick college health tips so you’re feeling great all the year through.

• Set a routine. At first it’s easy to pull all-nighters getting ready for a big test or headed out on the town with new college buds, but this will catch up with you soon, and you sure don’t want to end up sick heading into finals. Try to find a schedule that works for you that includes getting eight hours of sleep a night.

• Hydrate. Bring along a reusable water bottle and water filter bottle so you’re getting plenty of water.

• Get some basic nutrition advice. This may be the first time you’re planning your own meals, and it’s a good idea to get a few quick tips to make sure you’re eating the right things to stay strong and healthy.

• Stock your fridge. Make a quick trip for fresh fruits and other items each week so you never head to class without breakfast.

• Get fit together. Find a team or fitness pal who loves running or whatever fitness craze you like best. It’ll help you both stay on track!

• Wash your hands frequently. It’s a quick and easy way to stave off infections.

• Bring some sturdy shoes and rain gear. Trekking across campus might take longer than you think, especially in bad weather!