Making friends before you hit campus

EducationUSA advisorYou’re headed to college in a few months and you don’t know a soul. Not to worry though. There’s plenty of time to make new friends, even before you step foot on campus!

Host a party. You don’t need to have a bash to get to know people. Send a casual invite to your new housemates to stop by for a drink or homemade cookies on move-in day.

Get social. Check out the school’s Facebook groups to connect with students who have similar interests.

Follow the six degrees of separation. You might not know anyone on campus but it’s likely you have friends who do, so ask for an introduction.

Go to orientation. This gives you a chance to get to know people in the days before classes start.

Find a club. Most schools have hundreds of campus groups, so whether you’re into cheering on the home team or getting into a political debate, you’re likely to meet like-minded people there.

Join a study group. It may sound boring but having a few people to study with is a great way to stay on track – and make new friends.

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