Moving in with Your Parents after College By Emma Joyce

We all have plans for the days after our graduation. However, sometimes those plans don’t work out as we expected. Many college graduates are actually moving back in with their parents after college. This shouldn’t be taken as something bad or a step back in your career. There are plenty of benefits this living arrangement can bring, besides eating cooked meals every day and spending time with your loved ones.

It Can Save You Some Money

Since you’ve just graduated and you might have not found a job yet, your cash flow is bound to be low. Plus, you probably have student debt to pay off, and living alone will only make things harder. The good side of moving in with your parents again is that you don’t have the additional expenses for your rent and utilities. This automatically saves you money and leaves more of it for paying off your student loans. Even if you do have a full-time job, living with your parents will help you save plenty of money, pay off the debt and even build an emergency savings fund. Think of this living arrangement as a temporary one and as an essential step toward a better future.

It Enables You to Explore Career Options

Not all students have a promised full-time job after graduation. If you’re in such a situation or you simply haven’t found your calling yet, living with your parents will give you the opportunity and flexibility to explore different internships and jobs. What is more, if you’re back home, you know for sure that you have two people who are your biggest support and who will help you in your job and career search. What is more, being at the beginning of your career is tough, both psychologically and financially. You won’t have enough money to try out different jobs if you live alone, since you have to pay the rent, utilities and debts. However, if you’re at home, you don’t have to worry about such things. You will always have a place to sleep and eat, which leaves plenty of wiggle room while searching for your dream job.

You Can Contribute to Your Parents

Since your parents have always been and always will be there to support you in every way, this is a perfect chance to give something back. Even though your parents might not want you to pay for food or utilities, you can do it. They will be glad you are able to contribute to your home and them, and they will be happy to see you are growing up into a responsible adult. Depending on how much money you have, you can help with the grocery shopping and some of the bills. You can even help your parents make the entire home more enjoyable. Maybe they’ve been thinking about renovating or adding an extension to the house. This addition can provide you with a new place to stay at your parents’ house. Plus, once you move out, your parents will have a spare room for renting or for fun.  

There Will Be Some Struggles

Going back home might make you a bit lazy. If you’re still exploring your job options and if there is no more studying to be done, you might want to relax and watch Netflix all day. However, your parents might not like that and there will be some struggle. Also, there is no more leaving the house without saying goodbye or saying where you’re going and when you’re coming back. That could be tiring and somewhat restricting, but don’t get nervous. Those are just little things. While you’re home, you should use that time to work on your relationship with your parents. You can help each other a lot, but if you want to reduce the nagging and worrying, you should set up some ground rules for everyone.

Don’t look at this as a step backwards. Rather, use this opportunity to save some money, help your parents and explore your options for a successful career.