“Must have” dorm room essentials

EducationUSA advisorAs an incoming college student, you might be surprised about what you’ll find you need when you arrive on campus. Packing for college is like no other travel, so learn from the students who’ve gone before you about what’s essential to stuff into your suitcase and what is best left at home.

• Double-stick tape or sticky putty. Most dorm rooms don’t allow you to make holes in the walls, so when you want to add a splash of color fabric or posters to your walls (a definite for the drab dorm room), bring along some good tape that won’t damage the wall paint.

• Shower shoes. You may not be used to sharing a bathroom with anyone else, and you certainly don’t want to share whatever germs they have either.

• Shower caddy. Bring a handy container for carrying your shower gear.

• Earplugs. This is a lifesaver and can help avoid lots of roomie annoyance.

• Extension cord. Bring an extension cord or two and a surge protector for your laptop or tablet.

• Creative storage containers. Your space and closet are likely to be smaller than you think. Portable closet organizers often come in handy.

• A mini-fridge and microwave. Check if your dorm room comes with a fridge and/or microwave, and if not, whether your roommate is bringing one. You probably don’t need two.

• Nonperishable snacks. Stave off headaches on the mad dash to class or late night cram sessions.

• Your own pillows and blankets. Check the bed size (they’re often tiny), and bring some comfy pillows from home.

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