Questions You Should Ask Current College Students

make friends on campusAs you start planning for college, you’ll have many chances to talk with current college students. This is a good way to find out everything you really want to know (even the stuff you don’t really want to ask your parents or high school counselor!)

Here are some great questions to ask during online open houses and in-person campus visits:

•    Who are your favorite professors and why?

•    Is it tough to find a job on campus?

•    Why did you choose this school?

•    What do you like best and what do you like least about the school?

•    What is there to do on campus?

•    What fun things are there to do nearby?

•    What’s the best way to get to know people on campus?

•    What do you wish you knew before you came to campus?

•    What are the best dorms or apartments?

•    Are there any issues on campus that you’re concerned about?

•    Is Greek life a big part of life at the school?

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