Struggling Students: Why You Should Be Going to College Anyway By Lizzie Weakley

Education can be tricky. Even beyond all the historical dates and equations to memorize, it can be very stressful for students to know about what steps to take to further their education. For some, the question is whether they should further their education at all, or just stop after graduating high school. Even if you are struggling academically, it’s still a good idea to go to college, as the benefits of having a college diploma will help you tremendously in your professional career and future development.

“I’m not smart enough”

First of all, negative self-talk such as this has no place in a healthy mindset, whether you’re going to college or not. You certainly won’t get anywhere with such as pitying attitude. Also, it’s pretty unrealistic to think that you will be ruled out of being accepted to any college whatsoever. Sure, you might not have the grades to get into Harvard or MIT, but there are thousands of colleges and universities that will be likely to accept you. You can even try enrolling in local community colleges, which will give you a good taste of higher education at a much more reasonable cost.

“I don’t know what to study”

If you made a list of everyone who went to college knowing exactly what they want to study from the very moment they started without changing their mind, you would have a relatively short list. College is all about exploration and finding who you are. While some people choose a major right away and stick with it all the way through, others need a little more guidance. This can mean you go in undeclared and focus on your general education requirements. Or it could mean you try out more than one major. You’re bound to meet plenty of other students who are in the same boat as you, and there’s no reason to get discouraged just because you haven’t figured things out right away.

“I’m afraid of failing”

The only way to ensure you don’t have any troubles in college is to not go to college at all. However, doing so won’t get you anywhere. While it’s true that college can be a stressful time, it doesn’t need to be something you scare yourself away from. Plus, most universities have tools in place to help students succeed, so you are in good hands. At one of the best colleges in Denver, student support is offered, including tutoring and career services.

“I have a job lined up already”

If you are prepared to enter the workforce already, that’s great. However, you shouldn’t completely rule out higher education. Instead, you should consider obtaining your diploma while working. You can become a part-time student and take night classes. It might take a little bit longer, but having professional experience before earning your degree could do wonders for your resume. Plus, having a full-time job will help you pay off your student debt much faster.

Going to college is a decision that shouldn’t be made lightly. However, if you do choose to go, you should see it as a wonderful opportunity for your life. You don’t need to be a perfect student to get into college, but you do need to be dedicated in order to stay in college. While it might seem overwhelming, if you can learn self-discipline tools and keep yourself encouraged and find the support you need in difficult times, you will find success. Learning is something that happens in all stages of life, and you’d be wise to keep yourself excited about it.