Succeeding in college without burning out


Moving to college is sure to be a big transition but it doesn’t have to be tough. There’s lots of ways to hit campus and start off your freshman year on the right foot.

•  Get advice on planning classes. Many college students go it alone when choosing their classes. Consider talking with your college advisor and/or a current student at the school for advice on your workload, professor preferences, and your academic strengths and weaknesses. This can help you choose the right classes and avoid getting overloaded.

•  Find a fitness buddy. Start the year off right by incorporating hikes, spin classes, or the like into your regular schedule. Having a pal to go with you will be a great extra motivator for both of you!

•  Create a study calendar. Jot down important dates and study times for upcoming exams and more.

•  Find a study group or partner. It’s a great way to stay on track, and make new friends!

•  Ask for help. If you’re struggling in class or hit some other snag along the way, talk with someone. There are plenty of support services—from professors to academic advisors to resident advisors—who are there and happy to help.

•  Get some downtime. Your first year of college will be on the go, but be sure to block out some quiet time to recharge however you like best, whether it’s going for a quiet walk or scheduling a weekly yoga class.

•  Stay connected. Moving to campus and living on your own is a big change, but that doesn’t mean you can’t pick up the phone and talk with your mom or text with your friends at home. They know you well and can sometimes help you get over the little bumps along the way.

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