Surprising Education Options: 4 Degrees You Didn’t Know Existed By Kara Masterson

Many college students struggle with choosing a major. Other adults may be bored with their current jobs and looking for a career that piques their interest. Thankfully, numerous colleges across the country now offer a variety of interesting and downright unusual degrees. Even if one of these four is not the right option, these should be able to get potential college-goers thinking of other interesting paths they want to take.


This degree is currently offered by the University of Washington and Penn State, and trains individuals to explore life outside Earth. Individuals in this field will look at how the earth came to exist and what the future of the earth holds. It studies microscopic life on Earth and throughout the universe on planets, asteroids and more. Students will gain knowledge in astronomy, biology, chemistry, oceanography and more.

Fermentation Sciences

As breweries pop up across the U.S., increasing numbers of individuals are interested in this major that looks at the chemistry and biology involved in the brewing process, according to Mental Floss. Students will also gain knowledge in business and marketing.

Health Law

Health Law programs combine the intricacies of law with the science of healthcare and allows individuals to work with laws that affect the healthcare industry. These individuals could be hired by a healthcare system, hospital or nursing home to represent the business’ interests. This type of lawyer could help create policies for the healthcare center and draft contracts for doctors and others employed by the center.

Floral Management

Floral management is a great major for those who love working with their hands and who are interested in running their own greenhouse or floral shop. They will learn floral arranging, garden design, management and other subjects that will let them do everything from landscaping and designing a floral shop website to planning a bride’s floral arrangements.

Because the average American spends over 100,000 hours of his or her life working, according to Reference at there is no reason why individuals should not enjoy their jobs. Instead of sticking with the basics, such as business, marketing, or design, individuals can branch out with one of these four options or other unique majors, such as adventure education, bakery science and comic art. Individuals are invited to check with their local colleges or online colleges for degrees that interest them and speak to their personal talents.

Kara Masterson is a freelance writer from Utah. She enjoys tennis and spending time with her family.