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Discover the best college match for you

collegeave loansDid you know that one in three college students transfer schools at least once? The best way to avoid a big transition like this is by doing your research ahead of time to make sure you choose the best college match for you the first time around. It’s tempting to pick a school because your best friend is going there or because it’s in the Ivy League, but it’s best to pick a school that’s right for you personally. There are many factors, including costs, culture, and your academic and career aspirations, to think about before applying to a college or university. Continue reading

Questions You Should Ask Current College Students

make friends on campusAs you start planning for college, you’ll have many chances to talk with current college students. This is a good way to find out everything you really want to know (even the stuff you don’t really want to ask your parents or high school counselor!)

Here are some great questions to ask during online open houses and in-person campus visits: Continue reading

Five metrics you don’t want to miss when researching colleges

tips on researching collegesIt’s easy to become overwhelmed by the sea of data that you’ll find on college websites, but what’s really important to you? Often it comes down to key facts: What are the costs? And what will I get for all that money? To that end, we put together a quick list of questions you should be able to answer before applying to college: Continue reading

Which college is #1? What’s the best school in the United States for you?

The #1 US College for You

The #1 US College for You

Those two questions in almost every situation result in very different answers for most international students. What does #1 mean? Is it the be all and end all if you do not get admitted to the “best” college? In the United States, one thing that is very different from most other countries is that there is no official ranking of institutions. Continue reading

Unexpected things to do when visiting college campuses



When you plan your college visits, do more than the standard guided tour and informational interview. After all, this is where you’re going to spend the next few years so you want to make sure it’s a great fit. Here are some fun ways to see if the school is the right match for you.
Continue reading

Standardized tests: What’s required & what’s not



Unlike most countries there is not a specific test or set of tests that are universally required for admission to U.S. colleges and universities. Traditionally, U.S. students have had to take one of two primary standardized tests: ACT or SAT (and SAT Subject tests at more selective institutions). Continue reading

So many choices, so little time: Tips to research your choices

How do you get from 4500 to 10 to 1? That answer for mosecret of lifest international students is the ultimate goal. Finding that one college, the best fit for you (what does that mean?) can be a long journey. How much time do you have or should you plan for to achieve this goal? In last week’s blog on Beginning the College Search, the recommendation of 12-18 months in advance of when you wish to begin your studies remains the most practical timeline to use.

On the issue of what the “best fit” is for you, ultimately the answer will be different for everyone. In the movie, City Slickers, a grizzled old cowboy asks, do know  what the secret of life is? The city slicker has no idea, so the cowboy tells him: “One thing, just one thing” and the rest doesn’t matter. What’s that one thing? “That’s what YOU got to find out.” Continue reading