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Five steps to succeed at a US university

college skillsHundreds of thousands of international students enroll at US universities every year. What makes some succeed while others struggle? Here are top five tips from admissions counselors—and international students—about making the most of your US education. Whether this is your first year at a US university or you are already well under way to earning your degree, their advice should serve you well in college.

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Everything you need to know about off-campus housing in the US

US off-campus housingWhere should you live if you’re going to study in the US? Many schools require freshmen to live in the dormitories. However, not every college will offer on-campus housing, and those that do may have limited space available. As a result, many students choose to live off campus. Continue reading

“Must have” dorm room essentials

EducationUSA advisorAs an incoming college student, you might be surprised about what you’ll find you need when you arrive on campus. Packing for college is like no other travel, so learn from the students who’ve gone before you about what’s essential to stuff into your suitcase and what is best left at home. Continue reading

Quick tips on transitioning to college

campus lifeMoving from high school to college can be a bumpy road. You’re in a new place with new people. But this can also be wonderful! Here are three tips for making the move with ease.

Expand your horizons. Don’t pick your friend from back home as your roommate. Use this as a chance to expand your circle of friends.

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