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It’s more than a game: Dos and don’ts of extracurricular activities

learning-stationery----vector_23-2147491042It’s no secret that participating in extracurricular activities helps students to strengthen their college applications, but what’s the best way to do so? Here’s a quick list of dos and don’ts for your students as they begin thinking about how best to spend their free time during this school year. Continue reading

Best essay writing tools every student should know about by Robert Morris

300x200-August-EssayWhether you’re in high school, college, or post-graduate studies, you definitely have to write essays. Essay writing is an essential component to your education. The process is valuable because it teaches you how to reason, how to form a logical argument, and how to perform accurate and thorough research. But no matter how many essays you write, they never seem to get any easier-until now. These online writing tools will help you create better essays regardless of the topic.  Continue reading

Get the lowdown on campus life

300x200-Oct-CampusVisitsAs you research colleges, you’ll likely have several opportunities to talk directly with current students at the school, either through your campus visits or virtual events like online open houses. Some universities also host student-led webcasts where they’ll connect you with current students. This is a fantastic opportunity to hear about what it’s really like on campus. Continue reading

“Must have” dorm room essentials

EducationUSA advisorAs an incoming college student, you might be surprised about what you’ll find you need when you arrive on campus. Packing for college is like no other travel, so learn from the students who’ve gone before you about what’s essential to stuff into your suitcase and what is best left at home. Continue reading