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Getting ready for campus life

headed to collegeSoon the long wait will be over and you’ll be headed to your first day of college. Campus life has lots of perks. It’s your first time having some real independence. And you can roll out of bed and be to class in minutes. Before you make the big move, take a few quick steps over the summer to help make it all go smoothly. Continue reading

Top tips on finding a summer job

summer jobAfter a busy year at school, you’re probably anxious to kick back and relax. But you might want to also think about getting a part-time job. Working through the summer is an important way to build skills and make contacts that will help you down the road, and to begin saving for your future. Finding that perfect summer job might be easier than you think. Continue reading

Spring checklist for parents of high school juniors

calendar-notebook-paper_23-2147504500This year is all about college prep and it probably feels like there are endless things to do to get your child ready. People usually find it easier if they break their college prep list into smaller groups of tasks. With that said, here’s a quick checklist of college prep tasks to tackle this spring. Continue reading